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Death by Electric Meter sound crazy to you? Me too!

Do you have insomina - can't fall asleep? I did. How about horrible muscle cramps?  I did. Take three or more trips to the bathroom during the night? I did. How about dry eyes that feel like your eye lids are sticking to your eye balls? I did. Plus, How about horrible nightmares? Fatigue? Tired all the time? Stabbibg heart pain? I did. I couldn't do my life without a daily nap. My life was falling apart. See the picture on this page for additional health issues that are related to your electric meter or Smart Meter. Prefer Videos?

The picture on the right shows that a Smart Meter can be respobsible for: 1) balance problems 2) heart problems 3) Learning problems 4 Headaches 5) Sleeping problems 6) Ringing of the ears 7) Fatigue 8) Eye problems 9) Leg cramps. I have studied health since 1996. I have a Ph.D. in holistic nutrition and have enjoyed many years (20 plus years) of good health because of the information I learned from the extention of my education. When I moved into my present home I have now is when my health started to decline. The tried and true research about health that had worked, stopped working. I was stunned and confused. I did research full time for about five years. Doctors told me my illnesses were related to growing older. It could NOT be my age because my dog and cat suffer with the same health problems as I did. Something was wrong, and I couldn't find out what.

Some time later (don't know exactly when.) I bought Khaki Campbell ducks that began to have health issues that followed in my foot steps and the cat's. The dog was deaf, blind and eating her back raw. I had her put to sleep at the vets. I wanted to eat non-hormonal eggs, so I bought 21 ducklings. I planned on giving most of them away, but I never had the opportunity because the ducks died. Yes, I said DIED. In six months, 17 of the ducks were dead. There were a couple of reasons: 1) I didn't feed them hormonal pellet food and 2) the radiation from the Smart Meter contributed to their death.

Finally, when the ducks were about two years old I discovered my Electric Meter was contributing to my bad health and the health of my animals. I found myself in total disbelief! But, it was true. Here is a video to better explain what I am talking about: Susanne Sommers Speaks about Smart Meters. How do you know that you have a dangerous Electric Meter installed on your home or the homes of your neighbors? Go and look. Don't worry, I'll wait right here for you. Here is what you will look for:

1) the numbers on the meter will be flashing numbers. In other words it has a digital set of numbers. The numbers do NOT show usuage that you can understand because of the flashing. The flashing shows how many times the meter is phoning home (the Electric Company) to tell them what you are doing with your meter. How long you have your lights on, when you go to sleep, what appliances you use and how long you use them. Kinda scary! Sort of like Big Brother is watching?  If you want to see a slide show of pictures to help you identify your meter, Smart Meter Identification.

As you can see from the slide show, the old Analog Meters had clocks and dials. The clocks slowly moved as the home used electricity. There was NOT any phoning home or transmissions to the Electric Company to give them information about usage. I read an article that said the average Smart Meter transmits information to the Electric Company 2000 times a day. This transmission is equal to having 160 cell phones on next to you. The Analog meter has a big dial that goes round and round that monitors the usuage. I remember when we got our first window air conditioner and looked to see how fast that Analog Meter dial was spinning. Very entertaining for me as a child.

The best comparison video that I found that shows the difference of radiation isnide and outside of a home is this one: Smart Meter/Analog Meter Compairson. This video scared me to death to use the wire screen sheild to break up the radiation as it spews out of the front. According to Nasa, radiation is the biggest hurdle they have to overcome to contine their goal to reach different planets in our solar system for exploration. This radiation information can be applied to the Smart Meter health risk because radiation CANNOT be stopped, but it can be made smaller by covering the Smart Meter with a shield so the radiation is broken into smaller particles and becomes less harmful. The comparison video shows that the inside of the house is also receiving radiation from the Smart meter at 50 percent more than the Analog Meter.

In my opinion, I must have the Analog Meter to continue my good health. I changed out my Smart Meter for a G.E. Analog Meter. This meter is like a large plug and is pulled out, and replaced with the old Analog Meter. Yes, I did it myself. After a week of having the analog meter all my symptoms improved and the stabbing heart pain stopped. I pleaded with the Electric Company to let me keep my Analog Meter, and they said that I could have the Smart Meter or NO Meter. To me the decision was easy because losing my health was too high of a price to pay for using lectricity. So I decided to live my life as the people of the 1800's led their lives without electric. I have a Propane generator for A/C and other appliances.

How Smart Meters Work:
The face of the meter is the main place where the radiation exits, along with the sides of the meter. The secondary exit points are the electric plugs in your home. The radiation is similar to your microwave oven. Have noticed the well-insulated door on the microwave oven? That insulation is there to protect you from radiation exposure. Unfortunately, the radiation pouring out of the face of your meter doesn't have a door.

A Smart Meter flashes on and off. This meter is also called, "Advanced Meters because it is transmitting information to your electric company. I always thought the meter sent information to the Electric Company only when it needs it - to send me a bill. Not so. The Utility Company can know how much electricity I use, for what and for how long I use it. This information is sold to marketing companies that want to see my lifestyle in order to sell me their product that matches my electrical usuage. The is extra revenue given to your Electric Company in addition to the monthly electric bill. The utility rates in America are much lower than in other parts of the world, and thie marketing revenues collected keeps American electrical rates low. A low cost for electricity keeps Americans buying more and more electric gadgets to keep us connected to electricity as a necessity. We love our technology! I did too, until I realized that the Smart Meter kept electrical prices low at a cost of high physical suffering.

Where's Help?
In some states - NOT Florida, you can ask your Electric Company to replace your Smart Meter with an Analog Meter. I know Ohio has the "Opt-Out Plan" and residents can ask for the Smart Meter to be removed. Of course, the priviledge comes with a cost: 1) you must pay a mark-up cost for the Analog Meter, (about $75) and 2) you pay a monthly fee for a Meter Man to go to your home each month and read the Electric meter. How much? Sometimes $30 to $75 per month. Florida does NOT have this luxury to "Opt-Out" option. That's right. My Electric Company can legally hurt me. Doing the right thing is not an option for any business wanting to stay in business and make a profit for their stock holders. The Electric Company will obey the law and keep profits high by radiating its customers. I'm guessing that they have equal research that shows the new technology is perfectly safe.

I am still in shock and disbelief that disconnecting electricity could possibly be happening in the United States. Each year in Florida seniors die from not having air conditioning. I am a senior and was still diconnected. Please know that Europe has rejected Smart Meters and do not radiate their citizens. The United States has the best economy because human life doesn't seem to have the value it has in other parts of the world. The videos below will explain more about the biggest public health threat in the history of the world - the Smart Meter. The meter shield may be your best defence that I know about. You can get in touch with me by doing a Google search for "Diana Jo Rossano."

If you want to add information to this site from your personal experiences, please send the information to me: JofromOrlando and use the hot m_a_i_l extension. I will post your information on this site, and email you to let you know where I put the information so you can see it. I only have one remedy to help Floridians - install the shield on your meter as soon as possible! If you are in a state that allows you to opt out, and want to share your wisdom so Florida can follow in your foot steps, please get in touch.

Suzzane <br />Suzanne Sommers defines a "Smart Meter"
Smart Meter Arrest
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